Debra and Dan Norwood

Debra and Dan Norwood

Debra and Dan Norwood are attorneys who love one another and love their fellow attorneys as well! That is why they have incorporated principles of trust building, team building, and brain health to write a book that is fun yet filled with tips to help attorneys find more meaning, authenticity, joy and resilience in modern day law practice.

This site focus's on their book: The Resilient Lawyer and the perspectives and many tips Laughter Lawyer (Debra) and the Baby Boomer Advocate (Dan) have to offer to the legal world.

Laughter Lawyer USA

 Debra  Norwood  is  an  attorney  who  is  a  resilience  trainer,  writer,  motivational  speaker  and  personal  executive  coach  for  attorneys  and  professionals.    Her  passion  is  psychoneuroimmunology,  and  she  loves  to  share  the  good  news  about  the  neuroplasticity  of  the  brain  and  how  attorneys  can  protect  their  most  valuable  asset:  their  cognitive  ability.      She  has  designed  an  unconventional  conflict  resolution  model  that  incorporates  principles  of  mindfulness,  brain  health,  and  therapeutic  humor  and  laughter  to  help  acquire  trust-­‐building,  anger  management  and  conflict  resolution  skills.    She  created  this  model  to  enable  attorneys  to  become  more  empathic  and  mindful  in  every  aspect  of  their  dealings  with  the  courts,  opposing  counsel  and  clients.  It  is  a  program  designed  to  empower  lawyers  to  more  joyfully  connect  with  one  another  with  authenticity,  integrity,  and  with  humor,  in  order  to  build  trust  in  the  system  they  co-­‐create  through  their  interactions  with  the  public.      Concerned  about  the  rising  depression  and  suicide  rates  among  attorneys,  Debra  and  her  attorney  husband,  Dan  Norwood,  are  coauthoring  a  book  The  Resilient  Lawyer:    Overcoming  Challenges  and  Finding  Joy  in  Modern  Day  Law  Practice.

Debra and Dan have joined forces with trust building, team building and brain health experts from California to Canada to give you the tools you need to increase resilience, find meaning, authenticity and joy in modern day law practice. Written in lighthearted style,
The Resilient Lawyer brings to you the most up-to-date information on how to embrace, discard or delegate the many roles attorneys play.
Learn how to manage stress, avoid burnout, and rediscover the joy of practicing law!

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Baby Boomer Advocate

Dan Norwood knows what it is like to ride the roller coaster of law practice, from a plaintiff's lawyer's perspective and from that of a harried corporate lawyer as well! Listed as Super Lawyers of America and Best Lawyers in America in labor and employment law.
Dan is committed to teaching other lawyers how to not be civil, but friendly! the days for civility in law practice are over--for lawyers to really survive modern day law practice they must take one step further to develop empathy and comradarie with one another.