Laughter Lawyer

Debra Norwood is an attorney who is a resilience trainer, writer, motivational speaker and personal executive coach for attorneys and professionals. Her passion is psychoneuroimmunology, and she loves to share the good news about the neuroplasticity of the brain and how attorneys can protect their most valuable asset: their cognitive ability.

She has designed an unconventional conflict resolution model that incorporates principles of mindfulness, brain health, and therapeutic humor and laughter to help acquire trust-building, anger management and conflict resolution skills.

She created this model to enable attorneys to become more empathic and mindful in every aspect of their dealings with the courts, opposing counsel and clients. It is a program designed to empower lawyers to more joyfully connect with one another with authenticity, integrity, and with humor, in order to build trust in the system they co-create through their interactions with the public.

Concerned about the rising depression and suicide rates among attorneys, Debra and her attorney husband, Dan Norwood, are coauthoring a book The Resilient Lawyer: Overcoming Challenges and Finding Joy in Modern Day Law Practice.

Known as “Laughter Lawyer USA,” Debra often sports a red nose and a bee bonnet to keep her audiences laughing as she goes about the serious business of helping them confront their challenges with grace and humor. Her transformation from a traditional lawyer to a zany advocate for her unorthodox conflict resolution ”playground” was part of a lengthy evolution that was precipitated by the suicide of one of the Norwood Law Firm’s clients over twenty years ago. His untimely death led Debra and her husband Dan to create a more holistic law firm grounded in principles of Positive Psychology. As a Certified Laughter Leader Expert Level Practitioner with the World Laughter Tour (CLL-E) and as a member of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH), Debra is an expert on helping improve memory, staying focused, and keeping optimistic. She mentors law firms, organizations and individual attorneys in team building, trust building and stress reduction in ways that are simple, quick and fun, and which help avoid burnout, hurtful habits and addictions.

As a facilitator for a church-based addiction recovery program, she has the skills and compassion to coach those who need an extra emotional boost to overcome debilitating habits and addictions. As a family law attorney and juvenile court practitioner, Ms. Norwood has extensive experience with domestic violence and abuse. Her dream is to transform the legal environment into one in which all Guardian ad Litem’s, judges, lawyers, social workers, and law enforcement personnel can become change-makers and co-creators of a transformative ecosystem that fosters peace building.

Ms. Norwood is the mother of four and has raised seven children, three of which are special needs. She is married to Dan Norwood, an employment and public interest lawyer from Memphis, Tennessee.   She currently serves on the board of Human Friends International, a humanitarian organization that lobbies for interfaith harmony and to end gender discrimination and child labor in Pakistan. She is a former International Humanitarian Law Instructor for the Mid-South Chapter of the American Red Cross and has served as counsel for the Native American Inter-tribal Association and the Memphis Hispanic Chamber. She currently serves as Assistant Southeast Regional Director for the J. Reuben Clark Law Society and is also General Counsel for Fashion Academy. She is the host of the Look Good! Feel Good! Your True Colours Image Radio show on, featuring positive people and causes.

For more information on the six week program “How to Make a Good Brain Great”, or to schedule a workshop on stress reduction, peace building or change-making, scroll down and follow Laughter Lawyer USA on social media, or contact her through email.

Dan and Debra are concerned about the rising levels of depression and suicide among law practitioners. Rising levels of stress, addictive behaviors and anger management issues are eroding the foundations of traditional law practice.

It is time to change the paradigm and rock the legal world with transformative law principles which will enhance the longevity of those whom the public depend on. It is for this reason that Laughter Lawyer USA and the Baby Boomer Advocate propose the creation of LLC’s all across the bar associations, lawyers assistance programs, law schools and law firms across the nation.

These are not merely corporations! They are Laughter Lawyer Clubs where attorneys can meet to laugh, destress, and enjoy each others company in a nonjudgemental, relaxed, and fun-filled environment. Imagine what one hour a week of laughing, comradorie, and mindfulness training could do to improve morale, reduce stress, enhance productivity and help the immune system!

To find out how to create a Laughter Lawyer Club with your group, contact Laughter Lawyer USA today!